Module 5: Welcome to the Apartment Connection!

In this simulation assignment, some of you will be a landlord (someone who owns an apartment and is looking for someone to live in it.)  Others will be a student looking for an apartment. I will send a “role card” to each of you this weekend and this will tell you whether you have an apartment or if you are looking for an apartment. You will all create and post a video about the apartment. Use your dictionary to look up any new vocabulary. If you still need help, send me an email.

Landlords: Your card will tell you the location, rent amount, size, and neighborhood of the apartment. It will also tell you how far the apartment is from the university, what public transportation is available nearby (bus or subway), as well as other things.

After reading your card, create a video. Introduce yourself and talk about the apartment you want to rent. Post the video to Blackboard. Note: If you need help, watch the landlord video I made.

Students looking for an apartment: You will watch at least five videos from different landlords. Listen carefully, take notes (see the form called “Finding an Apartment”), and choose an apartment. Create a video, talking about which apartment you chose and say three reasons you liked that apartment better than the other apartments.

All: if you are a landlord this week, don’t worry! You will be the student next week and it will be your turn to look for an apartment. If you are looking for an apartment this week, next week you will have the chance to be a landlord!

**This activity is appropriate for my target audience because they need the language required to describe, look for, and choose an apartment. For nonnative speakers who move to countries where English is the primary language, finding a place to live is one of the first tasks they must complete upon arrival.**

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