Module 4: Around Town

Choose two of the following activities. For each activity, you must ask about three different things. The entire conversation must be in English and you must record it either on video or just audio. Report back on the experience and include the name of the place you went, the name of the person who helped you, and what their answers were.

  1. Go food shopping and ask for help finding
    1. fruit in a can
    2. a box of cake mix
    3. shampoo
  2. Go to a local library and ask for help finding
    1. a book for a 6-year old
    2. a book for a 15-year old
    3. a book on learning a language
  3. Go to the post office (or wherever you send mail and packages) and ask how much it will be to send:
    1. A letter to Germany
    2. A 3-pound coat to Argentina
    3. A book of stamps

**This activity requires direct communication with another person in the target language. Rather than being a contrived activity, learners are out in the real world, asking for help from someone.**

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