Formatting for college/university essays

In the spring semester of 2015, I was teaching an academic writing class to American students at a community college. At this college, students were required to follow standard MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting for their essays. {Note: your instructor may require APA (American Psychological Association) formatting.} Some of my students had just graduated high school the year before, had written essays on the computer, and only needed one or two reminders about how to change the margins or spacing.

Other students had been out of school for a long time…some as many as 20 years! Some of my older students knew how but needed a lot of reminders, but older students needed help formatting the entire paper.

To help everyone, I created a video tutorial for them that they could access any time. The younger students who only needed a little help could fast forward the video to get to what they needed. Older students who needed help from the beginning could watch the entire video, then open up their own Microsoft Word document and follow along.

BUT…The video I created was 7 minutes long (boring!)

This past summer, I took a video editing class through Adobe. Adding music and more text, I cut the video down to 90 seconds (yay!)  Now students can get the same help in less time.

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